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  • xxcarlisaxx:

    The Holding Hand of Power
    “Each hand sign relates to a specific vibration. Therefore, your hands (when held in the hand positions wherein the fingers are projected upward towards the heaven become a receptor of the greater Universal Spiritual Energy and Life Force, allowing you to subsequently become a transmitter of the Divine Energy (i.e. for healing, blessing, prayer, etc). The right hand by men and with the left hand by women; the other hand remains at your side.”

    About a month ago, @blestd_official asked me if I was interested in a collaboration project. I had no idea what to do, but I knew something powerful would soon emerge. I photographed this picture of my Holding Hand of Power a few weeks ago and I truly feel like this is the perfect time to unveil our project. His online shop opens soon and I am glad to be apart. 30 handmade screen printed tees with this photograph…releasing soon.

    Quote by “The Ancient Mysteries of Melchizedek” by Melchizedek Y. Lewis
    #vibrations #power #blackpower



    All the naysayers who were against marijuana legalization are eating crow right about now. Colorado’s weed sales just keep trending up, and with the sales of legal weed, they are improving their schools and reducing overall crime rates.”

    Link to Article

    other states need to recognize

    (via ceelavie)

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